I can't really mention my first choice, as to reveal that it qualifies as Science-Fiction could very well be a spoiler. It is, however, an absolutely beautifully written book,quite possibly my favourite, by a certain British-Japanese author who recently published his first fantasy novel. There's also quite a good… » 4/15/15 4:02pm Wednesday 4:02pm

Sorry Charlie Jane - Transformers is one of the few movies I saw in the cinema where I wanted my money back at the end. I found it to be a catastrophically stupid turd of a plot, with some obvious sexism and male gaze, a completely unsympathetic hero with some even more cringeworthy parents, and colossaly stupid… » 4/10/15 8:57am 4/10/15 8:57am

Gravity, plain and simple, to the point where I'm not sure if I want to see it at all, since the almost vertigo-inducing sensations of being inches away from drifting into endless space aren't really replicable on my laptop screen. This was a movie made for the big screen, to the point where being shown on anything… » 3/16/15 3:29pm 3/16/15 3:29pm

The Undertaking (remember, Thea, the thing with the earthquakes where Daddy killed people? No?...) violated the League's Rules of Engagement, and made Ra's Al Ghul regret his release of the League and brand him a disgrace and an enemy. Malcolm Merlyn was a marked man ever since, and only by being discrete and staying… » 1/25/15 6:57am 1/25/15 6:57am

"Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle
Some girls want no shape and they shave it all
That’s so whack, it hurts with the stubble
Walking ’round and look like an eight-year-old
I say grow that shit like a jungle
Give ‘em something strong to hold onto
Let it fly in the open wind
If it get too bushy, you can trim" » 1/24/14 7:04pm 1/24/14 7:04pm

I'm reading Worm, a recently completed web fiction that is nothing short of miraculous in how it reinvents superhero stories, with superb worldbuilding, next to no fridge logic or storybreaker powers, remarkably intelligent plotting and complex characters actually behaving intelligently. It is remarkably dark, though,… » 1/21/14 8:21am 1/21/14 8:21am

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As far as I'm concerned, there already is a continuation of Firefly : The Man With No Name, perhaps the finest fanfic I've read, and a perfect Firefly / Doctor Who crossover.
...I see you running. Don't. It's awesome. Set after the events of Serenity and just after "The Runaway Bride", it is perfectly in tone with… » 9/24/13 8:31am 9/24/13 8:31am